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Membership Benefits For Those Accepted:


* Members will need a Free, groovefunnels.com account for their affiliate link to be credited with sales of Emerge Weight Loss.


* Membership benefits include: (1) Exclusive right to promote the Emerge Weight Loss System (EWL) for 36 months (3 years) and receive 80% minus credit card fee of $1,997 enrollment investment that clients pay.


* Membership also includes: Weekly online, group strategy and hypnosis sessions exclusively for members for the purpose of business and life success and achievement.


* EWL is an 8-week, 16 session online, group program that includes: hypnosis, nutrition & exercise coaching for the purpose of motivation, weight loss and wellness.


* Emerge seminar dates for 2022: January 11 — March 1; March 8 — April 26; May 3 — June 21; June 28 — August 16; August 23 — October 11; October 18 — December 6th.


* If accepted by The Optimal Performance Institute (OPI) as a Member/Joint Venture Partner (Member) and The Emerge Weight Loss program (EWL), you agree to follow legal and lawful rules for promotion of the program.


* Membership is $15,000 and lasts 36 months from the start of the next Emerge program. Example: Members who begin December of 2021 or January 2022, with the Emerge program beginning January 11, 2022, will have membership until December 2024. During that period, you are granted unrestricted, legally compliant, access to promote The Emerge Weight Loss program with an exclusive affiliate link identifier that lasts as long as the Member is in good standing.


* A Member’s mission is to promote the program through any legal means available.


* Members are offered weekly, 45 minute, online group business focused sessions as part of Membership.


* Member sales commissions are paid to Members in good standing approximately 67 days after clients have enrolled in the Emerge program.


* If EWL clients request a refund with the 60 day program, funds will be refunded. If necessary clawbacks are possible.